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Welcome to Arthat Cathedral Church

            Arthat Cathedral Church, dedicated to St. Mary, The Mother of God, has a long and glorious tradition and history. It is the permanent monument of the St. Thomas mission in Kerala. The Christian Community associated with the Church is believed to be the most ancient Christian community in South India, even a little bit earlier than the Niranam Christian Congregation. 


            Arthat - Kunnamkulam is the home of the people who bear in their hearts the natural piety of spiritualism, the fragrance of tradition and the steadfastness of true faith. The uniqueness of this region is that the Christian Church was established in this part of Malankara at the same time or little bit earlier, when Christian faith was established in Rome, Antioch and Alexandria. The ancient name of Arthat was Chattukulangarai.



            The Church is now under the Kunnamkulam Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. It is the most prominent church and Thalappalli of  all the churches in the diocese. Moreover it is the only Cathedral of Kunnamkulam Diocese 

Arthat Chuch Retreat Hall


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